Trouble in the House of Grechiel

The Legend of Fenix the Hanged, part 1

Fenix the Hanged – Nix to his friends – got a tip from Walde, tavernhand at the Moon and Blade that Ongrin, an agent of the Grechiel family was putting the word out for work. Apparently Kristoff, patriarch of the infamous crime syndicate, had died suddenly leaving his middle son Bertold in charge. His eldest, Reginald seemed to have little ambition and is content to serve as a major domo under Bertold. In the meantime, the youngest son, Vanheim, is not pleased and wishes to take over the Grechiel or at least break out on his own.

Nix spoke to Ongrin and got the details. The orders were simple: Vanheim has put an open mark on Bertold’s operations. Anything that weakens Bertold, shames him or makes him look incompetent will signal to Vanheim that the agent is serious.

Taking a couple days to ask and scout around, Nix located a couple docks and a large warehouse being used by Grechiel men. He waited until night, when most of the workers had left, and snuck in. He spied two humans and elf sifting through cargo and removing wrapped blades, smuggled into Chanceway. An office overlooking the warehouse held a man torturing another man chained to a chair. Nix broke in and killed the torturer, freeing the man who revealed he was Gresby, a tough-looking man loyal to Vanheim, captured for his brother’s insolence. Nix also grabbed a ledger and some manifests before setting fire to the office with his lamp and oil.

Gresby fought from the ground, injured though he was, while Nix covered him with arrows from the rafters. Gresby finished off the elf with brutality after Nix nearly cleared him with an arrow. The two humans were allowed to escape, one with Gresby’s meat clever still in his side.

Outside the warehouse, Gresby revealed that he grabbed some of the smuggled blades on the way out. Nix took two finely crafted Dwarven short swords (+1 Damage, may have some RP benefits) and the two took their leave.

The next day, Nix met with Ongrin and turned over the ledger and papers, explaining his role in the fire, which Gresby had already shared. Deeply impressed, Ongrin took the ledger and promised to be back in touch soon with more work.

Just then, Horton walked in …



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