Alecyne of Urthusia

a thief who mixes magic with skullduggery


Alecyne is charming young man with dark hair and bright eyes. He’s also a reliable thief who dabbles in the magical arts to help him ply his trade. Beyond these facts, little is known about him, except that he accepted a contract from Godfrey san Montrose to break into the Dwarven Temple to Fruchälen, the Avatar of Justice and there to steal the Scepter of Fruchälen. For reasons unknown, Alecyne refused to complete the contract and Godrefy put a price on his head.

Captured, magically shackled and gagged, Alecyne nonetheless escaped by colliding into Nix and Gratius and blinking them to the roof of the Moon and Blade. The spell switched the shackles to Nix and Gratius and Alecyne was able to escape. Godfrey has since raised the price on Alecyne’s head.

Alecyne of Urthusia

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