Baron Valis

perhaps the most powerful man in Chanceway


Valis sal Dakras’ Tract, awarded to this family by Licitic the Tyrant some 400 years ago, was in fact all of Old City. The Dakras family were powerful merchants and supremely corrupt – they supported the Tyrant’s rise to power. They were richly rewarded but turned on Licitis when public outrage turned to revolution. In exchange, they were allowed to keep the title and position of Baron, but stripped of all Tracts and Lands. Thus, they are unique among other Barons in that they have no official holdings, but wield equal political power. Valis is a hard, cruel man in private, but all smiles and handshakes publicly. From his home in Gracewell Township (aka the Noble District), he manages his vast fortunes which all officially come from shipping and real estate although many suspect there’s a smuggling and blackmail. He has several advisors that move through the New City with large ledgers under their arms and not a few things and heavies who help persuade Valis’ more stubborn associates.


Baron Valis

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