Gerda san Talus

Progressive and Prime of the Cartographer's Guild


Born to a handmaiden of royalty, Gerda grew up in Chanceway dreaming of sailing upon the massive ships that leave her port each day. Forbidden from doing so by her family, she stowed away and began her life at sea. Now, some 30 years later, she is the Prime of the Cartographer’s Guild, host to the greatest collection of maps from around the world, and the bravest sailors. She opposes the Royal Navy, seeing them as obtrusive and over zealous. She strongly supports broader Guild power, expanded maritime laws and privatization of city amenities. But she also lives in Chanceway, which means she can only stick her neck out so far. She is drawn to pragmatism, has little respect for class or wealth, and respects bravery and expertise. She is straight forward and no nonsense, but frequents the Orchard where she happily drinks with her friends.


Gerda san Talus

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