Lilac Serringson

Reluctant folk hero and mercenary leader


A former officer of the Regent’s Army, Lilac resigned in disgrace when she disobeyed the order of a superior to attack a defenseless foe. Shamed, she moved back to Chanceway and started her own private security firm under Mercenary Guild law. The Gale Walkers are irregulars, a company of hardened warriors drawn from all walks of life who follow Lilac with a cult-like following. They fight for coin, for sure, but from time to time for social justice. An Army of the people. they have gained a powerful political following, through no effort of their own, and now represent a force to be reckoned with. Lilac herself has not taken well to this change – she acts as she sees fit and doesn’t deal well with the social ramifications of her compassionate acts. They are a mercenary guild with a conscience, and so attract a certain kind of warrior. She loves a battle and an equal foe, lives for thrill of battle, but is caught in a political game asking her to fight for ideals and philosophy. An accomplished swordsman and cavalier, she arms herself in the finest gear of the nobility but dresses like a craftsman.



Lilac Serringson

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