Master Johan

Tax Collector and Trader in Secrets


The King’s tax collector, officially Treasurer General. Johan was born the third son of a Lord of an agrarian province. Driven by his obscurity to climb above his station (and others), he was educated at the Royal Academy and served in the Regent’s Fleet for 10 years, before taking an administrative position liaising between the Navy and the Cartographer’s Guild. There, he built upon his reputation by demonstrating excellent negotiation skills, matched with a rapier wit. He simultaneously joined the Money Lenders’ Guild where he achieved the rank of Master, a title he still carries today, although he has little official relationship to the Guild.

He was hand-picked by Odirion to serve as his Treasurer General. Now nearly 50, Johan is a stern, quiet and calculating man. Not cruel, per se, Johan knows that the real value isn’t in gold, it’s in information. He’s set himself as the master of both – he knows who lines who’s pockets, where the money flows and who keeps tabs on whom. A powerful ally, and a worse enemy.


Master Johan

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