Odirion the Hammer

the royal Regent of the Gathering


His Royal Majesty and Regent of the Gathering of Erthwylder, Odirion the First, called Odirion the Hammer – Odirian, now in his 60s, was a famous fighter as a young prince, preferring the melee and favoring his war hammer. He led a campaign against a Skaald incursion in his twenties with further cemented his reputation as a warrior. In ruling, he has failed to meet the high diplomatic bar set by his mother, Regent Siphestra, who made good inroads with the Elves and opened up new trade with them. Odirion is more gruff, and doesn’t have time for the subtleties of dealing with dwarven trade guilds or elvish diplomats. Still, he is generally wise and kind, and has ruled Chanceway well. He is always ready for a fight, and will deploy the Red Guard swiftly. However, in his old age, his mind has turned to his legacy and he secretly wonders “What will I leave behind?”


Odirion the Hammer

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