The Guilds

The men who hold the city's pursestrings


Within Chanceway there are several major and minor guilds. Each gains protection from the crown to operate without competition with Chanceway (thus, all members of a merchant or craftsman class must join the guild if they wish to open their own establishment in the city – you don’t have to join to apprentice). Each Guild sets is own bylaws and regulates the price of goods within the city, independent of the crown. In exchange, a portion of all goods that the Guild produces is collected by the Regent as tax, at a frequency and amount determined by the Guild’s charter, and distributed as the Regent sees fit. Anyone may bring goods into the Chaceway, but to sell them you must have a Guild Writ – some guilds will allow you purchase these as licenses (like the Merchant’s Guild) while others require you to be a member before they will issue you a writ (Judges and Shipwrights, for example). Selling goods covered by a Guild without a Writ is punishable by fines and jail time. Each Guild has it’s own ruling body headed up by a Prime, who is the chief executive. Under him are Viceroys, Masters, Journeymen and Apprentices.

There are a few organizations like the Cartographer’s Guild and the Healers Guild which are unofficial organizations – they are self-organized and governed, not overseen by the crown and not officially true “Guilds.” The 20 official Guilds are:

  1. Brewers – vinters, brew masters and distillers of spirits (not bartenders). Loved and respected with the power of the people, but not wealthy and little political power.
  2. Butchers – slaughterers of hog and cow, they sell meat in the markets. Poor, powerless, dirty.
  3. Carpenters – coopers, coffin makers, furniture makers and timber shapers. Numerous, practical, disorganized
  4. Clothspinners – wool and silk makers, crafters of clothing. Numerous, poor, working-class
  5. Dyers – makers of fine dyes, colorers of all manner of things. Large, poor, tolerated.
  6. Engineers – makers of gears, wheels, wagons and siege craft. Specialized, educated.
  7. Ferrymen – the small river boats that so much commerce is built on. Only Guild Ferry’s can legally operate within the walls of Chancewind. Poor, but influential. They can shut the city down if they strike.
  8. Harvesters – sometimes farmers, but more often the marketers of farmed goods. they buy the raw foodstuffs from farmers and sell them within the city. The lifeblood of the city, they are savvy businesspeople who change strategies with the seasons.
  9. Jewelers – crafters of the finer things; work in gold, silver, copper and bronze, as well as precious and semi-precious stones. Small, impotent but very rich.
  10. Judges – arbiters and mediators of legal disputers, interpreters of the law. Educated, rich, boring, stuffy and some are open to bribes.
  11. Mercenaries – fighters that register with a guild to act as hired hands, bodyguards and protectors. their laws allow them to operate like private security within Chanceway. Attracts thugs and goons, not as powerful as you might think but easily angered.
  12. Merchants – to own a store in Chanceway and sell finished goods or raw materials you must join the Merchant’s Guild. The largest guild, but disorganized. powerful at the top, but full of politics.
  13. Miners – sellers of the earth’s raw goods from jewels to ore
  14. Money Changers – changers and lenders of coin. Powerful, money-grubbing and obnoxious. Probably all crooked.
  15. Shipwrights – makers of boats and sailing ships. Small ferries, rafts and barges are beneath them. Very rich, educated and politically powerful
    #Spicers – makers, blenders and proprietors of spice whether pure or cut-rate. Very wealthy, very secretive and ties with everything having to do with shipping in Chanceway.
  16. Smiths – makers of metal things from swords to nails. Powerful and respected, necessary
  17. Stonemasons – stone constructors. rich, powerful, tight-knit
  18. Tanners – makers and sellers of leather and leather goods, numerous, middle-classed, picky
  19. Timber – loggers and lumber who float their goods in from faraway forests. Simple, poor, firm.

The Guilds

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