From the bitter lands to the due north, the Dwarves are an ancient people who endure harsh seasonal shifts. They are clean, civilized, powerful warriors, obsessive traders and explorers and yet are quite culturally insular. They are primarily interested in what benefits them and their’s – not necessarily knowledge, expansion or the arts.

A harsh land of monsters, battles, rival houses and carefully tended fires, the Gathering have pushed into the southern regions of Dwarf lands. 200 years ago (within memory of many dwarves) the Gathering were at war with the Dwarves and after a fierce battle manage to capture valuable lands before a “suspension of warfare” was declared to deal with the Skaald Insurrection of 324-341. That “suspension” is no peace accord – meaning war could start up again – legally – at any time. The agreement saved face on both sides of a powerful war of attrition.

Dwarves organize themselves under a single chieftain, called the Fÿer or War Chief. Their government is called the Fÿergard, though the Fÿer’s grasp on the Onyx Throne is only as strong as his military power.

The Fÿergard’s relations with the Gathering are quite strong – while the border between the two nations is a constant source of contention and challenges, trade between the two is very fruitful. Additionally, their military might is all the keeps the Tribes of Skaald from pouring into their nations and enslaving their populace.


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