We’re Making it up as we go, but some basic facts about the world has emerged.

First, the land around Chanceway is a nation ruled by the Regent called the Gathering of Erthwylder. It’s a feudal society of Barons and Lords.

West of Chanceway is the Wayland Sea. Somewhere out there is Thysys, the craggy home of the Senectic Prophets. Far out there is an archipelago of island-nations called Yllénänder ruled by the Elf.

Somewhere North of the city is the Fÿergard of the Dwarf. It’s a cold, mountainous, rocky place. To the Northeast, bordering both the Gathering and the Fÿergard is the Agamuul Badlands, where the Orcs come from. They frequently raid over the border for slaves. They organize themselves into tribes and have a shared city called Panthia where they meet in tribal moot. Panthia is built around a big crater that is mined for Hellstone. They call it the Pit.

Across a narrow sea to the south of Agamuul, and to the Southeast of the Gathering, is Abadan. The land their is rolling plains and gentle hills in the south and west, with dense forests in the north. It’s home to the Halflings who live more or less democratically under their Village and Elder Councils, and the anarchic Goblins who pester them endlessly.

Somewhere far south of the Gathering is a hot, dry land called Shadune where many nations of men lay, ahem, scattered like jewels. It’s needlessly exotic and brutish and junk just like every other far off southern nation from fantasy.


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