Sometimes derogatorily called “Skaald” (a Dwarven slur), the great tribes of the Orcs come from the harsh Agamuul Badlands to the north east of the Gathering, across rolling hills, high mountains and a wide steppe. Their chieftains make war with one another, with one occasionally rising to enough power to get a half dozen of the tribes to march over the border and enslave some Humans, Dwarves or Halflings (all of whom they share a border with). They have been known to work with the Goblins, selling them arms and armor.

There is a single city where all Orcs gather for tribal moot called Panthia, where lies the Panthian Pit: a great crater made when the Hellstone fell from the sky countless centuries ago. The city is a series of towers and buildings that ring the Pit and lead down into vast mines where Hellstone Steel is harvested and forged into some of the most fearsome blades in the known world.

220 years ago, in the 324th year of the Gathering, the Orcs broke through several border fortresses and mounted a massive invasion of Dwarf and Human lands in what was called the Skaald Insurrection. The pushed deep into those kingdoms in a frantic wave of carnage. Humans and Dwarves allied (putting their own Dwarf-Man War on hiatus) and pushed them back over the next few decades.

Orcs are fearsome, brutish warriors for the most part. They travel to Crosswind largely to trade for finished goods and finery that they cannot produce in their own land. Some Chieftans may send seers or diplomats to learn new information, study a subject or parlay for treaties. Most everyone suspects they’re just there to kidnap people in the night and ship them down the Avenel.

Which, to be honest, is probably happening more than anyone wants to admit.


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