There are numerous religions throughout the world. Here’s a few we’ve heard of so far:

Kord, God of Fate
The Senectic Prophets worship this diety, who grants visions to them – sometimes clear and topical, sometimes esoteric and weird.

Seastesia, the Ocean Queen
The weird Lady of the Tides worships this ocean goddess.

Nine Hells
Gresby McMullen mentioned this, so apparently it’s a thing.

Dwarven Avatars
The Dwarves have no gods, per say, but instead worship noble concepts – such as Leadership, Compassion, Skillfullness, Warcraft, Ingenuity – and believe that these concepts can be personified as Avatars. The popularity of Avatars rise and fall as the ages pass and they are variously seen as “Gods” or as concepts to be meditated on from time to time and on an individual basis. Sometimes great heroes are deified as Avatars. Dwarven clerics may believe their divine power to come directly from an Avatar or from a more universal font of energy they are tapping into simply codified by society as a concept such as Justice or Death.


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