Knight Commander Reinfield

Knight Commander of the Red Guard


Reinfield is a soldier through and through. A veteran of a half dozen campaigns against barbarian armies, orc warbands, and dwarven rebels Reinfield earned his spurs the hard way. Born into poverty in a nondescript village in a forgotten provence, he ran away from his father’s farm and joined the first battalion he came across. Over many years of blood and fighting, he began to question the purpose of his violence. This insight led him to challenge commands, dig into strategy and transform from an effective fighter to a catalytic leader.

Returning to Chanceway to debrief after a campaign in the Hyderfjal Valley, he was recruited to fight along the Red Guard during a skirmish that broke out between several guilds and led to riots and looting (the Stonethrower’s Rebellion of 439). Impressed, the Knight Commander offered Reinfield a leadership position within the Guard. Six short years later, at the age of 35 in 445, Reinfield was chosen to led the Guard. His military background helped him far outpace many other guardsmen who were simple urban tough guys and thugs with blades.

The last six years have seen a marked increase in security and stability within Chanceway under Reinfred’s leadership. He is stern, respected (even feared) and a more than capable fighter himself. But he will always be a farm boy and a foot soldier: he is practical and doesn’t hold any delusions about stamping out crime entirely or closing every brothel. Instead, he works to control those elements that could spiral into uncontrollable situations. In general, if the crime does not disturb the peace,Reinfield is likely to look the other way. This, more than his raw ability, has contributed to peace in the City at the Center. Major criminals feel the constant eye of the Guard, while minor criminals keep the gears of commerce and the flow of information moving.


Knight Commander Reinfield

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