Master Rasarielle

A high ranking Drennan Theurge


Serlonius Bastt Rasarielle III has spent his life in books. A great student in his youth, normal academics bored him and he was drawn to the magical arts. Easily testing into the Drennan Academy, he spent twenty years in serious study before earning the grey hood of a master theurge. The rank of Master is given to Theurges who not only exhibit expertise in a field of magical study (Abjuration in Rasarielle’s case), but have shown leadership potential. They are placed in charge of either a class or an entire cohort of students in the Academy. In this role, dozens of Theurges have grown up under the shadow of Rasarielle and his both respected for his knowledge and feared for his stern disciplinarian attitude. Rasarielle’s world is ordered, tidy and made up of rules; detractors will be scolded, scorned and if necessary, scorched.

In his old age, Rasarielle has spent less and less time at the Academy and more time in Chanceway at the Tower, liaising between the throne and the city watch to keep an eye on magical goings-on within the city. Rasarielle often advises the Regent and other nobility on magical matters and is constantly butting heads with the more practical, chaotic captain of the guard, Reinfield.


Master Rasarielle

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