House Rules

This game is now played using the DnD 5th edition rules. The following house rules are being applied:

  • Character creation is done by rolling three columns of attributes and picking the one you want. You may freely distribute your scores as you see fit in order to build your character concept.

Masterwork weapons have one of the following qualities:

  • Honed: +1 damage
  • Fine: +1 attack
  • Keen: + additional damage type (slashing bludgeoning, piercing)

Masterwork Armors have one of the following:

  • Fortified: +1 vs damage type (slashing, piercing, etc…)
  • Exceptional: 20% reduced weight
  • Fitted: Increase the maximum dexterity allowable by armor by 1

Character Fatalities are “off” by default. If you enter into a particularly dangerous area or situation, I will turn them “on.” You’ll always be given fair warning and chance to back out of a situation that would put you in a permanent death scenario.

Participating in missions, side quests and other activities will garner support or distrust from different groups around Chanceway. As appropriate, Players will be rewarded with a single Advantage (or Disadvantage) die that can be used once per group per session. A player can never simultaneously have a Disadvantage and an Advantage Reputation die, but the type can change over time.

  • Underworld:
    Don’t snitch, share the wealth and don’t let your dealings spill over into another’s affairs – who says there isn’t honor among thieves?
  • Guilds
    Although they each have their own agenda, any guilder respects someone who protects the interests of open business and predictable returns.
    note: Infractions or favors for a particular guild may result in advantages / disadvantages specific to that group
  • Red Guard:
    The city watch respect law abiding people who make their jobs easier
  • The Drennan Theurges
    Peaceful seekers and sharers of knowledge and arcane lore are always welcome at the Tower
  • Nobility
    Keep them rich, happy and in power and the gentry will generously reward you. Challenge their position or safety and prepare to pay the consequences.
  • Commonfolk
    Protect and keep the little people, and big rewards may come your way. Maybe not riches, but the commoners have more practical treasures.
  • Dwarves
    Largely craftspeople and fighters, the Dwarves are always looking to increase their prestige in Chanceway and gain any political foothold they can.
  • Orcs
    Distrusted (and probably for a good reason), the Orcs seek the riches of the Gathering. Anything that gains them material goods or covers up their illicit dealings won’t go unnoticed.
  • Elves
    Uniteresting in politics or daily goings-on, the Elves favor patrons of culture, art, magical lore and the preservation and sharing of ancient secrets.
  • Halflings
    An oft-forgotten minority in the city, the Halflings are fighting a constant war with Goblins in their homeland. Arms, troops, ships or just a reliable friend in town means a lot to them.
  • Temples
    No matter the dogma, the Temples rely on patrons and followers, so anything that advances their name, resources or audience is always repaid.
    note: Infractions or favors for a particular temple or cult may result in advantages / disadvantages specific to that group

Former House Rules (from Dragon Age):

The Dragon Die indicates the degree of failure as well as success, though this is almost always just fluffy description material and has little benefit. Still, I may fudge the rules for / against you with especially high or low rolls.
All three Dragon Age sets and rules are in play.

House Rules

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